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Garment Manufacturing CAD Plotters

Main functions: Garment manufacturing cad plotter is an all-in-one professional equipment which can used for pattern design, grading, material discharging. It can also be control through professional computer software which makes our preparation work more convenient, flexible, efficient and accurate.




knitting fabric weight detection scale Knitting fabric weight detection Scale

Main functions: To test the knitting fabric weight before production; the weight of the garment is determined by the density and thickness of the fabric.
It is a significant procedure to test the fabric weight according to clients’ requirements to prevent the mistakes made before the sample making or mass production.



Garment Processing Fabrics Injection Machine

Main functions: for fabric inspection and approval procedure before manufacturing; it will inevitably lead to a variety of defects (defects weaving, dyeing defects, printing defects, etc.) during the fabric weaving and dyeing process. The defects area should be marked clear in order to remove for the cutting procedure or even change the qualified fabrics if it comes seriously; the re-injection of the width of the fabric, color, skew test, the length of the fabric.



Clothing Production Fabric Pre-shrinking Machines

Main functions: During fabric weaving, dyeing process, the fabrics will be easily deformed and even its length and width will be instable because of radial force. The clothes made by the fabrics will be deformed through the customers’ daily iron and wash. Therefore, here comes the pre-shrinking machine. fabric pre-shrinking machine can make the fabrics reverse shrink by radial ordered compression and vibration in order to remove the internal stress of fabrics and reduce the washing shrinkage. After pre-shrinking procedure, fabric shrinkage rate would drop to 3% or less in order to make sure the stability of products’ measurement.




Clothing Straight knife Cutting MachinieClothing production straight knife cutting machine
Main features: Professional and technical personnel can control the cutting machine to cut large quantities of cloth accurately into different shapes, sizes according to the patterns in order auto made by computer after spreading the cloth on the cutting table. It is very convenient to get ready for production and also make the accurate size for every simple piece of cloth.    



Automatic Cutting Machine of Apparel production 

Merits of Automatic cutting machine are as follows:
1) cutting knife is cutting under computer control with cutting track well set through X,Y coordinates, in order to guarantee the

accurate size of the fabrics pieces;
2) rotation controlling of blade to consistent with the right cutting direction;
3) knife rise and fall controlling;
4) brown hair pressure (suction) cutting table used, sufficient rigidity and elastic feature of brown hair can support fabric layer

and prevent the straight cutting knife from damage;

5) small round shape piece cutting knife used, breathable millipore  cutting table made from special materials with hardness

6) cutting head is equipped with hole-making serials positioning functions as well.


Clothing Ironing TableGarment Production Iron and Ironing Table

Main Functions: Ironing is a procedure to make clothes smooth, easy for clothing production and post-wearing. During the ironing procedure, there would be twice of suction on the suction ironing table . Firstly, to iron the clothes smooth and fixed on the table; Secondly, to enhance the shape of the clothes by instant reducing temperature of the clothes after the first suction to achieve the best effect.


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