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Guangzhou Jingcai Clothing Company Limited was established in 2006 and has two factories based in the
thriving Pearl River Delta region of China. It specializes in OEM production of a wide range of women’s wear,
workwear, and children’s wear.
Our team specializes in converting your designs in to commercial quantities with the use of highly effective
production methods such as CAD pattern making equipment and an experienced work force. This means that
your orders are dealt with quickly and efficiently and above all accurately.
If you want a reliable supplier who is able to clearly understand your needs and is able to effectively
communicate with you the Jing Cai is the company that you are looking for.
We pride ourselves on our ability to produce garments of the required quality at a competitive price and with the
minimum of effort on your part.
We communicate with you at every step of the way to ensure that you have a reliable service time after time.
If you are looking for an OEM service you need to work with a company who is:
·  Able to effectively communicate with you at all stages from initial enquiry to supply of your orders
·  Is always reliable – offering a no worries service
·  Offers a quality of service that is second to none
Jing Cai Clothing Company offer all this and much more.
If you are ready to work with an OEM supplier who wants to develop a long term working relationship with you
and who will convert your designs into perfect garments then CONTACT US TODAY.

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